3CPM® EGG: Detecting Gastric Electrical Rhythms…Reliably

Successful Practitioners Choose The 3CPM® Electrogastrogram:

  • Diagnose and Cure Gastroparesis due to Functional Gastric outlet Obstruction.
  • 96% Predictive Response Rate To Endoscopic Pyloric Balloon Dilation
    • Using 3CPM® GMAT® Threshold Software.
  • New Revenue Stream for Endoscopy Units
  • Personalized Treatment Of Gastroparesis Tailored Improved Patient Outcomes.


Gastroparesis Subtype-Functional Outlet Obstruction.

Easy to diagnose.

45 Minute standardized Waterload Test.

Easily Performed By Technician

Self Interpreting Software.

Intuitive Physician Overread